Frameless glazing - these are sheets of tempered thick (6-12 mm) glass, between which there are no vertical opaque racks. The sheet of glass is attached to two horizontal aluminum profiles located at the top and bottom, parallel to each other. When opening, tempered glass sheets can be moved along the guides to the wall, where they take up very little space.
Features of such systems:
Window structures without frames have specifics that determine the scope: First of all, it is cold glazing. In the cold season, the temperature difference between the external environment and inside the glazed room will be only a few degrees.
While providing an excellent panoramic view, frameless structures open the glazed room to every curious gaze. Therefore, it is advisable to order tinted glass.
It is impossible to install a mosquito net, which means that random insects can easily fly in through an open window.
Such glazing does not provide complete tightness and full protection against noise, reducing it by only 10 dB

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